Week 2 Preview

We’re a little late with this – given that the week began Thursday night – but here’s a quick look at the landscape of The NFL Experience heading into Week 2:

RG3 for President (-8) vs. The Replacements

The North Division sees a pair of matchups with one winner and one loser from Week 1 – meaning that one of the deepest divisions in the league last year could have a pair of teams atop it with matching 2-0 records by the end of play Monday. Two teams built around balanced attacks on both sides of the ball, the difference in this matchup could come down to which players coming in carrying injuries – Alshon Jeffrey for RG3 for President, Eddie Lacy and Toby Gerhart for The Replacements – are able to play and produce on Sunday.

Kamehamehaaa (-8) vs. Noord’s Team

After losing to his brother last week in a close one, Kamehamehaaa is off to a great start, getting 19 points from Daryl Smith Thursday night while Torrey Smith and Justin Tucker combined for 16 for Noord’s Team. That should give Kamehamehaaa an even bigger edge than the 8-point projected win for them heading into the rest of this week’s games.

Smokin Red Devils (-20) vs. Temujin

In the South, Smokin Red Devils headed into the week with what looked like a comfortable edge over 0-1 Temujin, but North’s squad got off to a strong start with good performances from free agent pickup Justin Forsett and stud wideout Antonio Brown. He’ll need more of that if he wants to get his first win of the season this week, as the Red Devils appear to have the inside track on a win – at least from a projections standpoint.

Murrells Inlet Maya (-36) vs. Chef’s Menu

This looks like it will be a walk in the park for Murrells Inlet Maya, who are on their way to a 2-0 record after Chef’s Menu combined for just 7.5 points among three players Thursday night – and that was before Adrian Peterson was lost for Sunday’s game after his indictment Friday night. Already beginning to look like a repeat of 2013 for the Menus.

AP Says PIIHB (-8) vs. Kobra Kai

The final two divisions feature matchups of the two teams that won last week, including this one. AP Says already looks like the significant front runner in this one after getting over 48 points from three four players Thursday, compared to Kobra Kai getting 24 from three – including just eight from Ben Roethlisberger. Looks like AP Says is well on its way to a 2-0 start.

Bortles Kombat (-89) over Carnivorous Pigs

The Pigs made a lopsided matchup competitive last week, but it’s hard to see that happening this week. They got a decent start with 10 points from Cameron Heyward Thursday night, but it shouldn’t be enough to change the eventual outcome.

Bizarro Al Davis (-16) over That’s My-Danek!

After the two-time defending champions suffered a stunning loss in Week 1, Bizarro Al Davis is now down after Thursday, when My-Danek! jumped out to a 17-6 lead, though they did have an extra player in action. The champs are favored to come away with the win, however, and it will be interesting to see if they can manage to hold off a very difficult opponent to avoid falling into an 0-2 hole.

The Sean Taylor Memorial Franchise (-26) over Ground ‘N’ Pound

After Ground ‘N’ Pound pulled off the upset last week, they came out and outscored Sean Taylor 13-5 on Thursday, giving themselves a good start and another chance to pull a massive upset this week. It still seems likely, however, that Sean Taylor will emerge victorious and take an early lead in what was the best division in the league last season.

Best of luck to everyone this week.

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