Week 3 Preview

Here’s a look at The NFL Experience heading into the start of Week 3 action Thursday night:

Kamehamehaaa (-10) vs. The Replacements

Despite the fact that Kamehamehaaa dealt away three talented veteran defensive players – Kam Chancellor, D’Qwell Jackson and Lamarr Houston – to The Sean Taylor Memorial Franchise in a cost-cutting move Thursday morning, the franchise is still favored to get its first victory of the season against The Replacements, who have had a stout defense through the first two weeks but arguably the worst offense in the entire league.

RG3 for President (-4) vs. Noord’s Team

RG3 was extremely close to making this an undefeated showdown for first place in the North Division but came up less than half a point short of beating The Replacements last week, as we detailed in the Week in Review post. But RG3 is favored to come away with the win this week against 2-0 Noord’s Team – although it’s really a toss-up as to who will win. Noord’s Team gets an unexpected boost from having Wes Welker back in the lineup earlier than expected – we’ll see if it makes a difference.

Temujin (-4) vs. Chef’s Menu

Chef’s Menu has been the talk of the league this week for its decision to immediately part ways with Adrian Peterson in the wake of the allegations of child abuse against him. Owner Aaron Nelson acted decisively, opening up a 24-hour window for negotiations to then move Peterson to Bortles Kombat for Benny Cunningham, Terrance Williams and a late-round rookie pick.

Cunningham and Williams both immediately went into the starting lineup for the Menus, and will try to get them out of their winless start against a surprisingly slow-starting Temujin squad that, one year after winning the division, can’t seem to get out of its own way out of the gate.

Smokin Red Devils (-4) vs. Murrells Inlet Maya

Perhaps the most surprising team in the league this year is Smokin Red Devils, which entered the season 11th in the projected points standings but, behind the strength of what has been the league’s best defense through the first two weeks of the season, they have surged out to a 2-0 start and have the league’s highest point total through the opening two weeks.

Still, they aren’t projected to blowout their division rivals Murrells Inlet Maya, despite the fact that through the first two weeks the Devils have outscored the Maya by almost 120 points.

Bortles Kombat (-24) vs. Kobra Kai

Kobra Kai might be the only undefeated team in the East Division, but Bortles Kombat – even with Peterson cooling his heels on his bench after recently being acquired – comes into this week’s matchup heavily favored to come away with the win. The Kombat’s strength and depth across its offense is the main reason for its significant advantage in the projections, and we’ll see if it comes through that way.

AP Says PIIHB (-34) vs. Carnivorous Pigs

Another week, another massive deficit in the projections for the Pigs, though this week’s is smaller than it was previously. Still, it’s been a surprising start overall for them, having scored more points than three teams and within 20 points of five others. We’ll see what happens this week, when they go up against division rival AP Says, who despite a low projected point total is still a heavy favorite.

The Sean Taylor Memorial Franchise (-24) vs. Bizarro Al Davis

The Sean Taylor Memorial Franchise – after coming close each of the first two years but falling short to Bizarro Al Davis each year – clearly is going for it. Today’s trade with Kamehamehaaa that was mentioned earlier say them take on more than $20 in future salary, and pushing them up close to $20 dollars in luxury taxes.

But after squeaking out a win over Ground ‘N’ Pound last week, The Franchise will take on the two-time defending champs this week, who bounced back from their shocking opening week loss to post the league’s high score in Week 2.

That’s My-Danek! (-52) vs. Ground ‘N’ Pound

It’s been a disappointing start for My-Danek!, a strong team that’s gotten off to a sluggish start. But after losses to both The Franchise and Al Davis in the first two weeks, they desperately need a win in Week 3 against Ground ‘N’ Pound in order to try and keep pace in the ultra-competitive West Division.

Ground ‘N’ Pound did well again in Week 2, however, holding up well against The Franchise in defeat after their stunning upset of Al Davis in Week 1. It’ll be interesting to see if they can keep it up this week.

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