Week 6 Preview

After taking a look at the state of the league through the first third of the season, here’s a quick rundown of the matchups around The NFL Experience as we head into Week 6:

Smokin Red Devils (-12) vs. The Replacements

With a perfect 5-0 record so far, the Red Devils have been one of the league’s biggest surprises so far. But after playing against one of the league’s easiest schedules so far, things will pick up beginning with their matchup against The Replacements – the first of four straight games against teams in the top half of the league in scoring.

If the Red Devils can make it through this stretch with two losses or less, they’ll be in strong position to claim the South Division title in their first year under new ownership.

RG3 for President (-12) vs. Temujin

After making it to the title game a year ago, RG3 is off to another terrific start this season. But they should have their hands full with Temujin, off to a rougher start than one would expect with their talent level.

With only a 12-point projected gap between the two teams, either is capable of coming away with a win, though it’s probably a much more crucial match for the underdogs given their 2-3 start to the season and not wanting to fall too far behind in the playoff chase.

Noord’s Team (-37) vs. Chef’s Menu

With the Adrian Peterson controversy fully behind them, the Menus have tried to move forward this season, but are already looking like they are playing for the future instead of the present.

That should give Noord’s Team a good opportunity to even their record at .500 for the season, and try to force themselves back into the playoff picture and out of the current logjam of teams sitting at 2-3 on the outside looking in.

Murrells Inlet Maya (-16) vs. Kamehamehaaa

The Maya currently have a 4-1 record and the first of the two wild card spots thanks to facing the easiest schedule in the league so far this season. They’ll have a chance to further cement their place in the playoffs at an early juncture in the season with a matchup against Kamehamehaaa, which come in as underdogs despite scoring more points so far this season.

But a 16-point spread is a pretty insignificant one in a league with this many scoring variables, so it’ll likely be yet another close and competitive matchup in a season full of them so far for the Maya.

Kobra Kai (-33) vs. Bizarro Al Davis

Kobra Kai has gotten off to a strong start this season, going 4-1 and leaping out to a two-game lead in the East Division. And now they head into this week with a surprisingly big advantage over Bizarro Al Davis – the highest scoring team in the entire league.

By losing this week, Davis would open the door to going from being a division leader to potentially being out of the playoffs – that’s how tough the competition out in the West Division is. This could be the most important game of the week from a playoff perspective, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

The Sean Taylor Memorial Franchise (-33) vs. Bortles Kombat

If Davis loses, The Sean Taylor Memorial Franchise will be hoping to capitalize on it and move into first in the West, as they have a very winnable matchup this week against Bortles Kombat.

Under new ownership this year, the Kombat have struggled so far, but have a ton of offensive talent and could make this matchup interesting.

That’s My-Danek! (-35) vs. AP Says PIIHB

Like The Sean Taylor Memorial Franchise, That’s My-Danek! is well positioned to take another step forward in the difficult West Division if Davis slips up thanks to being heavy favorites in their matchup with AP Says PIIHB this week.

My-Danek! has this advantage despite the fact Jordan Reed is currently starting for them and has a grand total of zero projected points because of his potential absence from the lineup due to a hamstring injury. So, in other words, this should be a comfortable win.

Ground ‘N’ Pound (-17) vs. Carnivorous Pigs

The Pigs are trying to be the Philadelphia 76ers of the NFL Experience, putting out a terrible team in the hopes of landing a high draft pick (presumably to draft a franchise changing quarterback) and start their rebuilding process.

But even after scoring less points than any other team in the league so far, we’ll see if the Pigs can find a way to win this week against Ground ‘N’ Pound despite their attempts to not do so.

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