NFL Experience Update through three weeks

Hey guys,

Now that we’re through the first three weeks of the regular season – meaning the first round of divisional games is in the books – I thought I’d take a trip around the league and see how things have played out to this point.

We’ll start in the North Division, where Kamehamehaaa, RG3 for President and The Replacements all are 2-1 so far, after each split their matchups with the other two teams and all beat Noord’s Team. The Replacements were the closest to going 3-0, losing to RG3 for President by 1.45 points in Week 1.

As of now, Kamehamehaaa looks like the strongest team after scoring over 300 points last in demolishing RG3 for President, and has the fourth most points in the league through three weeks.

In the East Division, Bortles Kombat and AP Says PIIHB lead the way with 2-1 records, while Kobra Kai and Carnivorous Pigs are both 1-2. Bortles Kombat opened up with wins over AP Says and Kobra Kai, which seemingly had it on the way to 3-0 – only to be surprisingly knocked off by the Pigs, which are much more competitive than they were last year, when they were bottoming out in pursuit of the top pick.

Bortles Kombat’s win over AP Says in Week 1 could prove to be crucial, as the two teams both have scored over 800 points so far and look like strong contenders to take home both the division and a wild card spot this year.

It’s a similar story in the South, with Chef’s Menu one of the two 3-0 teams with the third highest scoring team in the league so far. Want to take a minute here to give Aaron some props here; over the four years in the league his team has improved each season, and now looks on the verge of making his first playoff berth this season.

Murrells Inlet Maya looks ready to try and make a push to get back in the postseason for the third year out of four, with 846 points through three weeks so far. North’s plan to bottom out is working, as Temujin is now 0-3.

Finally, in the West, it once again looks like a bear of a division, with Bizarro Al Davis out in front at 3-0 and with the highest point total in the league through three weeks – but with The Sean Taylor Memorial Franchise less than 10 points behind and 2-1 after four weeks.

You also can’t count out That’s My-Danek! yet, as Ben’s team has consistently been in the playoff chase right down to the final week of the season, and he’ll undoubtedly rack up some wins when not having to face his in-division rivals. You can, however, count out Ground ‘N’ Pound, which seems well on its way to fighting North for the worst record in the league this season.

Weekly High Scorers:

Week 1: Kamehamehaaa
Week 2: Bizarro Al Davis
Week 3: Murrells Inlet Maya

Spotlight Matchup of Week 4: RG3 for President vs. Murrells Inlet Maya

There are a few possibilities for this week, but we’ll go with this one, a rematch of last year’s championship game that saw RG3 for President come away with the title, leaving MIM to finish in second place for the second time in three years. Both teams come into the game at 2-1, and this could be the type of matchup that looms large in a few weeks for playoff purposes.

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