2017 NFL Experience Finances

2017 League fees (combination of $60 entry fee plus 2016 luxury tax payments)

AP Says PIIHB – not paid
Bizarro Al Davis – not paid
Bortles Kombat – not paid
Carnivorous Pigs – not paid
Coach – not paid
Chef’s Menu – not paid
Ground ‘N’ Pound – not paid
Kamehamehaaa – not paid
Kobra Kai – not paid
Murrells Inlet Maya – not paid
Noord’s Team – not paid
RG3 for President – not paid
Smokin Red Devils – paid
Temujin – not paid
That’s My-Danek! – not paid
The Replacements – paid

2016 Winnings

Weekly High Scores

Week 1: Kamehamehaaa
Week 2: Carnivorous Pigs
Week 3: Kamehamehaaa
Week 4: That’s My-Danek!
Week 5: Coach
Week 6: Bortles Kombat
Week 7: Kamehamehaaa
Week 8: AP Says PIIHB
Week 9: That’s My-Danek!
Week 10: Bortles Kombat
Week 11: Bortles Kombat
Week 12: Bortles Kombat
Week 13: Kamehamehaaa
Best record: Carnivorous Pigs ($50)
Most points: That’s My-Danek! ($50)
Playoffs: Carnivorous Pigs, That’s My-Danek!, Kamehamehaaa, Murrells Inlet Maya, Coach, Noord’s Team ($50)
Carnivorous Pigs ($50)
Winner: That’s My-Danek! ($300)


That’s My-Danek! ($420)
Carnivorous Pigs ($160)
Kamehamehaaa ($90)
Coach ($60)
Noord’s Team ($50)
Murrells Inlet Maya ($50)
AP Says PIIHB ($10)



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