Salary Cap Info

The NFL Experience has a hard salary cap. Teams cannot exceed $400 at any time.

That said, teams can buy out players before each season for a real-life fee. If the player has one or two years remaining on their contract (i.e., a 2018 or 2019 contract), it will cost $5. If the player has three or more years remaining, (i.e., a 2020 or later contract), it will cost $10.

If teams want to cut contracted players during each season, they can. However: the contract will remain on team’s books for that season (so there will be no salary cap savings), and each year remaining on the contract will cost $5 real-life dollars.

So, for example, a player with a $10/2021 contract that is cut in the 2018 season will keep $10 on the books for 2018 in fantasy cap money, and will cost $20 in real-life money.

Let me know if there are any questions.

Hard Cap: 400 dollars

Salary Cap Penalties

AP Says PIIHB: Jatavis Brown (9/2019).

Bizarro Al Davis: Josh Reynolds (2/2020R), .

Bortles Kombat: None.

Carnivorous Pigs: Noah Spence (3/2019R), Kerry Hyder (5/2018),

Chef’s Menu: None.

Coach: None.

Ground ‘N’ Pound: None.

Kamehamehaaa: None.

Murrells Inlet Maya: None.

No owner: None.

Noord’s Team: None.

RG3 for President: None.

Straight Cash Homie: None.

Temujin: Danny Shelton (4/2018R).

That’s My-Danek!: None.

The Replacements: None.


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